Saturday, May 26, 2007

'Thas been a while...

*Wait... is 'thas even a valid word? Apparently not says the spell checker. Apparently not says the dotty red line underneath each "'thas". I care not. The birds. They care not. The rum. It cares.
(now to the REAL post)
...since the funny little salamanders did a tribal dance in a circular motion with radius r around the stones of destiny. Yes pitiful mortals destiny is controlled by stones. But only if you believe it. Blockheads are the evolutionary result of mutation in the genetic material of stones. As if you couldn't see the connection. Stones in face evolved from humans. Yes we are NOT the pinnacle of evolution. Makes you wonder if there ever will be a peak. Guess not.
Seasons pass and the wheel of time turns. But what turns it? The giant turtle in the sky? How can we see the turtle turning the wheel of time but not the wheel of time (henceforth known as WOT to save time and characters) itself. Henceforth WOT shall not be mentioned as it is a threat to the sanity of tissue paper roses. Wot? Wot's that you say??
I dunno. Parsley and chicken pie? That evolved from Mars bars you know. Obviously not. LIAR!
Yes... short post office. Hmm.... big red yellow blue. Hanging sentence of obliviousness and insipid quality. Sinister... octopusses and octopi. Octopie? 8 pies in one?? :O
Scrumptious... (how did that even become a proper word??)

Saturday, May 19, 2007


There. I don't know what I said that for.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Some things you don't see every day...

Birds smacking each other with their wings.

A kid in a pram wearing iPod earphones... regrettably no camera was on me.

Sunshine to rain in 5 minutes.

Ants eating curry rice on a lawnmower.

Carrot cake soaked in rum 'egested' by a microphone. (isn't it an uncommon word? learn it in bio but the spellcheck says it's wrong)

And such and such.

Potato salad. (if I did I'd go mad... oh wait... too late)

Horse intestines.

Chocolate eating Venus fly traps.


Flying pigs.

Raindrops falling on your head. (if you do, stop looking up and move to a more normal climate)


Blog posts from Me.

Fibreglass keychains worth $61.93 exactly (US dollars)

The end.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Think It's Pretty Cool...

...that this is still around. I guess the SKBL 6 Cempa class of 2000 was just too good. Haha.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Just as the lunar cycle has been discovered to affect the tides and the menstrual cycle (see the connection?), it has been found erroneously that the orbit of Mars around the Sun is inversly proportional to the time taken for the differentiation of spermatids into fully fledged sperm cells. Similarly, homicidal mania is just the alphabet in the mirror. Don't believe me? Go have a look.
Yes I know I'm wrong. The bright blue LED of speaker power signalling made me test you for worthiness. You are now worthy of inheriting the Bostik Glustik. But you can't have it. It's mine.
I saw a gecko crawling around on the ceiling of the train from Uni. A sparrow rolled by and picked up a piece of bread. The gecko on the other hand, was a foot away from the nearest fire escape. It let the fire escape. So did I. Then I trapped it in a butcher's freezer. The rent was a months passage to the ant's Olympic size pool. Little did he know that the buggers were filling it with formic acid. Luckily I knew. Cheat me of 5 pounds of kitty litter will you? Well permanent marker to you too!!
F/A = E ∆L/L
The stress on my spinal cord (diameter 3cm) due to my brain (mass 25++ kg) is equal to the bounciness of a quilt covered rubber duck multiplied by (the change in length of a blade of grass as a helicopter flies overhead divided by the actual length of a leg hair). From this equation calculate the time wasted by you to measure the level of my mental instability.
Or you could not. And neither would I.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Irritated And Deprived Of A Moon?

Stare deeply into the brightness... Spoil your eyes.I like this one personally...
Just trying to be different

Some Thoughts:

When you're irritated, taking pictures of a full moon, barefoot at about 10ÂșC is rather calming. Honestly.
That bright thing IS the moon ok in almost darkness but not quite (lamp post was quite far away)... not the Sun being a selfish heavenly body.
Anyway, today we focus on anger and irritation yea? Not the moon. When you get angry hor, do you ever feel like spreading it around? Like putting on a sulky angry face so that people get irritated with you and end up getting angry? Hehe. Like good little children.
People say misery loves company. Since misery and anger are related (cause and effect in the reverse order ><) I would hazard to guess that anger likes company too. Hence we all spread the anti-love. Or am I wrong? Isn't it true? When one gets angry isn't everyone within lets say a 5 foot radius more likely to somehow get irritated as well? Maybe I'm over-generalising. Perhaps. However, rum and Pepsi is smoother than rum and coke. But it was partially flat Pepsi.
I digress. How wonderful. Anyway I was also thinking... when I'm irritated I feel like doing all kinds of things (mostly violent) like punching something or making stabby stabby motions with a knife and accidentally coming into contact with the aggravating factor. Interestingly, the last thing I want to do is something funny that will potentially remove the irritation (not even Hayate no Gotoku!). Now isn't that weird too? Shouldn't you be WANTING to get rid of the irritation instead of thinking of the biophysics of particles in stabby stabby motion? Now why is it that I am so unwilling to let go of my irritation?
I have absolutely no idea. In biopsychological terms, anger is actually a focussing 'agent' if agent is the right word. Think about the last time you were angry about something that involved an action (like retaliating from getting whacked on the thumb with a PVC pipe). I'd be willing to bet 10 cents that you could focus better and go berserk WITH accuracy. Correct or not? So... do I keep the irritation so that I can focus better? Subconcious inherent behaviour?
Even if that sounds acceptable... irritation leads to carelessness while proper anger is a focussing 'agent'. Isn't that right? I think so anyway. So my reason kinda falls apart because if u keep the level at 'irritation', you're going to make mistakes. Soooo why keep irritation? Because you're so irritated that everything is going to increase it? Then why want to hit something?
Anyway I can't think of anything so if someone can think of a reason pls let me know XD
Sadly the clouds ran away from the moon before I got home. I bet if the damn passenger hadn't decided to have SMOKE and the damn bus driver hadn't decided to WAIT FOR THE IDIOT I could have gotten home in time.
The spiders have come to ask for forgiveness from the paper slugs of wondrous metallic properties.