Sunday, May 25, 2008



The swine return! No pool of water or legion of demons can hold us back from proclaiming the good news that Mr. Yap Wei Xiong has quoted a certain Mr. Khoo Teng Xiang on his xanga page. Intriguing no? Check it out: (not ahxiang har... don't go and spell wrong).

Well, if you don't check out what the quote is you will never know what the tribal council has spoken. Yes I am a council in myself. Aren't I just the greatest?

Apparently, what I said sums up the whole First Year Vet community. Perhaps perhaps. I was quite honest about it when I said it. Bleah.

So anyway, exams are coming and we're all freaked out by anatomy! Joy... You know... this is possibly the first "normal" blog post I've ever posted... that's amazingly... sad. But anyway, where was I? Toothpicks, that's right. Dog's made out of skinny purple toothpicks appeared on Flinders Street just after a man was electrocuted from train surfing. Or was it surf training? I don't right know... I don't rightly appear to be in my right mind...

Pika infiltration!! Eek. Eek. Eek. Eek. Eel. Eek. Eek. Bet you missed the slippery blighter in there! Then again maybe you didn't. Watch out for his bite. The sun don't shine where the eels bite fishing line. Or so the saying goes.

Stay away from my coffee!! How else am I going to do my exam paper? Eat it?

Which reminds me ... 2 weeks till exams!! Awesome!

All the best to everyone! May the hogs be with you...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Boar??

Not really... more like a totally different journey.

Check it out and say what you think.

Oh and yes I have accepted the Lord in my life.

Swine will not be affected by this! No Legion shall drown my herd of pigs!! GRAARRGGHH