Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hare-raising... actually theoretically, relatively, Einsteinally easy. Find a hare in a burrow and poof it with a smoke machine! The burrow, not the hare. Needless to say the hare will be out in a hair's breath. I mean a hare's breath. But then again it probably isn't going to breathe much if it sees the smoke coming in... Poor hare. How dare you! You monster!

Who, me?

YES, you!

But after that hair-raising adventure, or hare-raising if you prefer, is over, just lie back and watch the laundry peel and the paint dry. Darn, it works with the paint either way but the laundry is a one way street. Laundry dry, paint peel. Paint dry but laundry no peel. Orange peel. Citrus goodness. Tastes terrible though.

But suppose, my feathery friend that you were a duster... would you dust blackboards or board the Black Dust? Go on an Atlantic cruise... cross the Atlantic with the Titanic... what do you get? I wonder...


But anyway, whole or half-heartedly, the chickens wait for no man. Like time... but chickens would probably eat thyme. Wouldn't they be happy hens then? And what happy happy hens they'd be. Probably go on a hen's night after that. Come back married the next morning. The morning after! JENG JENG JENG. Take a vapodrop, clear your throat. Hem hem. Koff koff.

It's cold tonight. But don't worry, it's not stormy though it surely is dark. Ever heard of a bright night? Ever heard of a bright knight? I didn't think so! Typical, stereotypical, pitiable, mythical stupidity. Horse poo, I say! Flying horse! Load up the scalpels, pack up the bags, pick up the trucks and rearrange the sentence. It still won't make sense.

My fingers flow across the board at the speed of fingers flowing across the board at the speed of fingers flowing across the board at normal speed. No error there. None I say! It's actually quite hard to type fast when you're cold. That's because I'm warm blooded! If I was cold blooded... no difference. Possibly slower. Reptilian even. Eggs. Chickens. Circle of life. Asante sana squash banana. Puree.

Pisang kemek goreng or pisang goreng kemek? One is a squashed delicacy, the other is road-kill. I can't tell the difference either. Like a multitude of untold stories. The secrets of the world unfolded! They're important! I know it! And I care... just as much as this: