Sunday, July 1, 2007

Singalong Song... With A Rhyming Pattern AABB

Bird. Sitting on my windowsill,
Waiting for the crack to fill,
Airing out my drawers,
Staring at the flowers, towers, lawn mowers.

Oops fail,
Fairytale tailed, highway rollercoaster spinny gale
force wind, spinning down the subway,
Kicking up the bloody ham.

Bits of lettuce up a tree,
Have some, it's all free,
Show the Asian mentality,
And amuse yourself and me. Tiddlee dee.

Cow and chicken, moose and duck,
Sometimes you really just want to say f-ish,
But it doesn't work not verbally,
And sadly haha hehe hoho eating a cherry.

Wonder dummy and super supper fairy,
Chocolate bunny and the ever useful dunny,
Cut the crap, get a life,
Cut it with a butter knife.

And hope the smell don't last,
It might put you on a fast,
Gasping, asphyxiation,
Playing in my imagination.

Rhymes with tortoise.
Aren't I good?
Eat me for food.

Tax that lazy pyloric sphincter,
Just try not to get a splinter..
Did that ring a bell?

That was lame,
One step closer to fame.
Easter eggs in a video game,
Like scratches on your picture frame.

Run in circles, till you fall,
When once you were standing tall.
Screaming mushrooms and lightsaber hilt,
Counter the Leaning Tower's tilt.

All this rhyming's such a chore,
Makes me feel so much like a wh-odunit
in the making.
What with all the faking and money taking.

Haven't got randomly stuck yet,
But don't worry don't fret,
I will in the end,
But not before I display my tend...

...encies to waffle on and on,
Ice cream, truffles and a bit of corn.
Food here food there,
Wonder where my underwear...

...has gotten to,
In Super Mario Bros. 2.
Lot's of colours everywhere,
blue, green, black, red, yellow.

Hah I escaped my own trap,
And I didn't even need a map.
Now if I'd used the colour orange.
How strange...

I'm still not stuck.
Wonderful. Stupendous. Wallow in the muck.
Enough edits you're bored to death,
Just don't drink any meth... (...ylated spirits)

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