Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Hong Kong Exit

Haven't been to Hong Kong. Neither has my nailclipper screw. As a matter of fact neither has the Queen's Slipper Joker card. What a coincidence. Nevertheless, the multitudinous cans of coke make their way to the front of the hall for a liquid N2 demonstration.
You know, its pretty wonderful how people can touch type, look at the flowery wallpaper and think on how to kill a mockingbird with the picture of Dorian Gray paying particular attention to the elements of style and the origin of species. Such a person is a fortunate man in the prodigal summer of all creatures great and small. But what is this thing called Science? Massively munchable miniature favourites I guess. Crafted and distilled by the Bundaberg distilling company. Ziii-iing~
The fluffy toy sits and contemplates the world from his spot on the shelf. With eyes perpetually melancholy and fluff perpetually upright, he wonders what made him lifeless. Yet without life how can he wonder? I wonder. What a wonder. He and I, we need to wander to wonder and ponder to ourselves the wonder that is life and the ability to wander and wonder. Poor fluffy toy. Stuck to his spot on the shell. The towel hanger cries for retribution. The bathtub prays for redemption and the chewy power cables of alcoholic death rain snow and hail on unwitting giant condors passing by on their paper maché wizard hats.
Nonsense is a lot harder than it looks. Rock-hard even. Marshmallow even. Swine even. Cranial damage of the lower pelvis is terrible. Life threatening even. Mousy! Like Wen's birthday cake when he turned 13. Heh heh.
Abstract extraction has begun in the organic slop that is a primordial soup. Cream of perhaps mushroom, bacteria, archaea, perhaps hogs, perhaps cows, perhaps goliath beetles. All taste like chicken. Slash them with your key chain. Chop chop. Easter eggy, jelly beany, dairy milky, dreamy delight. What a delicatessen.
And in the shadows the pencils prepare for a full on assault on the carpet bag of comforter, bolster pillowy deathness.
Red wRong
Orange OrthOdOntist
Yellow Yoinking
Green egGs
Blue Before
Indigo intervIewing
Violet Veal

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