Monday, June 4, 2007

A New Shade Of Blue...'s called green. All you need to do is add magenta to transparent to get it.

Anyway, the piggon (PIG+draGON not pigeon) or drapig, whatever you prefer, up in the header has a few things to say about everyday English in this everyday and age. Actually I prefer drapig. Sounds a bit less stupid. No offense to the drapigs around the place. It's not as bad as a dongon or a drakey... (donkey+dragon if you don't get it). Of course here I am insulting the dragons. I would NEVER EVER support a dragon hybrid. Don't pollute pure blood MUAHAHAHAHA

Yes yes the questions. I got carried away by the chicken soup in the dish the spoon kidnaps. Moo moo said the cow. What's that Mr. Cherry Ripe? No you don't taste good. Ugh~
Oh yes... complaints geez people these days soooooo impatient.
Well let's see.
Query number:

1) Why is it that we haven't changed the "pot" in "like the pot calling the kettle black." to "wok"? I don't remember EVER seeing a black pot. Unless the dragon decided to breath in it... A pot with an extra coat of carbon is not a valid example of black pot. So there.

2) Why are there funny words that allow you to make silly subtitles in another language (Malay)? For example, fly, airplane, match, fire, arm and others I can't think of. What examples of subtitles?? Don't you use MSN?? Here are ones SOME people have seen before:

"Sebelum ciptaan satah-udara, manusia telah lama berharap dapat lalat seperti burung..." (Extremely lame most recent one. It proves the point though) (Before the invention of the airplane, man had long hoped to fly like the birds...)

"Bodoh! Kamu bukan mancis bagi aku!" (Fool! You're no match for me!)

"Meriam sudah ditangan? Baik! Pada signalku... API!!" (The cannon's been armed? Good! On my signal... FIRE!!)

More to come... other examples will be received encouragingly...

3) Mouse, mice. Louse, lice. Grouse, grice??? Don't think so. Nor do we get rice from rouse... instead you get roused from bed. But even for lots of people, people don't get riced from bed. That would be funny.

That's about it. Ok ok... I know I've used this A LOT but I can't help it... I love it so:
>.@ ARR!! I'm a pirate!!

Use woks... not pots... even pan is fine since most non-stick pans are black...