Saturday, May 26, 2007

'Thas been a while...

*Wait... is 'thas even a valid word? Apparently not says the spell checker. Apparently not says the dotty red line underneath each "'thas". I care not. The birds. They care not. The rum. It cares.
(now to the REAL post)
...since the funny little salamanders did a tribal dance in a circular motion with radius r around the stones of destiny. Yes pitiful mortals destiny is controlled by stones. But only if you believe it. Blockheads are the evolutionary result of mutation in the genetic material of stones. As if you couldn't see the connection. Stones in face evolved from humans. Yes we are NOT the pinnacle of evolution. Makes you wonder if there ever will be a peak. Guess not.
Seasons pass and the wheel of time turns. But what turns it? The giant turtle in the sky? How can we see the turtle turning the wheel of time but not the wheel of time (henceforth known as WOT to save time and characters) itself. Henceforth WOT shall not be mentioned as it is a threat to the sanity of tissue paper roses. Wot? Wot's that you say??
I dunno. Parsley and chicken pie? That evolved from Mars bars you know. Obviously not. LIAR!
Yes... short post office. Hmm.... big red yellow blue. Hanging sentence of obliviousness and insipid quality. Sinister... octopusses and octopi. Octopie? 8 pies in one?? :O
Scrumptious... (how did that even become a proper word??)