Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Some Thoughts:

When you're irritated, taking pictures of a full moon, barefoot at about 10ºC is rather calming. Honestly.
That bright thing IS the moon ok in almost darkness but not quite (lamp post was quite far away)... not the Sun being a selfish heavenly body.
Anyway, today we focus on anger and irritation yea? Not the moon. When you get angry hor, do you ever feel like spreading it around? Like putting on a sulky angry face so that people get irritated with you and end up getting angry? Hehe. Like good little children.
People say misery loves company. Since misery and anger are related (cause and effect in the reverse order ><) I would hazard to guess that anger likes company too. Hence we all spread the anti-love. Or am I wrong? Isn't it true? When one gets angry isn't everyone within lets say a 5 foot radius more likely to somehow get irritated as well? Maybe I'm over-generalising. Perhaps. However, rum and Pepsi is smoother than rum and coke. But it was partially flat Pepsi.
I digress. How wonderful. Anyway I was also thinking... when I'm irritated I feel like doing all kinds of things (mostly violent) like punching something or making stabby stabby motions with a knife and accidentally coming into contact with the aggravating factor. Interestingly, the last thing I want to do is something funny that will potentially remove the irritation (not even Hayate no Gotoku!). Now isn't that weird too? Shouldn't you be WANTING to get rid of the irritation instead of thinking of the biophysics of particles in stabby stabby motion? Now why is it that I am so unwilling to let go of my irritation?
I have absolutely no idea. In biopsychological terms, anger is actually a focussing 'agent' if agent is the right word. Think about the last time you were angry about something that involved an action (like retaliating from getting whacked on the thumb with a PVC pipe). I'd be willing to bet 10 cents that you could focus better and go berserk WITH accuracy. Correct or not? So... do I keep the irritation so that I can focus better? Subconcious inherent behaviour?
Even if that sounds acceptable... irritation leads to carelessness while proper anger is a focussing 'agent'. Isn't that right? I think so anyway. So my reason kinda falls apart because if u keep the level at 'irritation', you're going to make mistakes. Soooo why keep irritation? Because you're so irritated that everything is going to increase it? Then why want to hit something?
Anyway I can't think of anything so if someone can think of a reason pls let me know XD
Sadly the clouds ran away from the moon before I got home. I bet if the damn passenger hadn't decided to have SMOKE and the damn bus driver hadn't decided to WAIT FOR THE IDIOT I could have gotten home in time.
The spiders have come to ask for forgiveness from the paper slugs of wondrous metallic properties.

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