Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nan-Maku-San-Ban-Da, Ba-Za-Ra-Dan-KAN!!

Away with you spirits and ghosties of the missing gauze cleaning wood pulp rubber stopper Aspirin tablets!! AWAY!!! AKU HALAU MU!!! BELAH!!
There we go... no more haunting for you naughty naughties. Even the noodles are drinking themselves to death because of your milky evilness.
Oo my coin jumped to my right hand, did a pirouette, backflip somersaulted and smashed into my right cornea. Isn't he a great friend? Yes I thought so too. I'm sure the ribbon rapped furry meerkats did too. Didn't you little fellows? Cute little farts are the meerkats. Make me want to cuddle them and strap myself up in a straight jacket and spit on the tetrahedral clothes pegs of insanity that hang around disturbing the millions of synapses happening every second in the center of my thinking area. Krrff krfff. No late-night photo session for you. HEY!! No curi masuk! ISH ISH ISH!! Go to your room and think about what the wallpaper aphids have done to the cheerios in my waste paper basket milk bottle. BOHAHAHAHAHA
I see dry calculator button shells... they're... coming... to... find... you... in... my cupboard. The locusts go to war! All that remain to defend us are the grass-blade wielding ladybugs. FIGHT!! FIGHT!! Oh well... locusts lost. The eagles will have revenge.
Transformers!! More than meets the explodoeyeballs of retinal doom.
UPDATE: Hey! Did you know the process of bleaching paper involves the use of reverse writing and expert sleight of foot? Neither did I... intriguing possibilites (unlike having to chew on your leather suitcase when there's no other food in the world you aren't allergic to). Clicky. Penguins don't walk very well... their natural swimming footwear just doesn't suit their ice-skating tendencies. That's why they use their fattily insulated feathery bellies. Just like uncorking a twist-top bottle of green ink to drink. MM tastes like rubber wing-tips. Very windy too.
Isn't it nice how you get a yellow-white colour in your left-pinky-toenail when you stand in a cave?

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