Thursday, March 15, 2007

Too Much...

To the body snatchers out there, please refrain from stealing peoples' identities and their various gazelle-y undergarments. They aren't yours! In any case, leave YOUR nonsense outside the door THEN you can come in for a glass of harbour trash. They do wonderful things with pollution these days, I hear they're feeding left over shower heads to the poor and donating squamous kelp to seriously overnourished bats for safekeeping. Lugubrious I say! Just absolutely peppery. SnE@ze.
Orange Marshmallow Fertilizing Gumdrops, Wonderfully Tasteless Fillet-o-hamburger, Big Bummed Quince?? Take all the capitals and what do they spell? A mercifully vertical death caused by stripes-of-zebra poisoning... It's wonderfully painful. Makes the rough ERs conduct surgery very very gently on the various sponge tables. When that happens, there's apparently a success rate of 99.98729303112938% when dissecting a pair of shorts that pillows will inflate and expel the fluffy doughnuts hidden away beneath the curry icing. Thus it all turns out just plain drafty. Breeze coming through. *plonk*
That reminds me, made purple leaflet curry today. The chlorine-fill really helps to push the taste right to the edge of your conscience. Aphids have a better sense of direction than a GPS attached to a chunk of liquified bubble wrap. When they eat breakfast cereal it means that the world will come to an appocalyptic end cause by a hundred million combination locks releasing gas at the same time. Foul stuff. There are better ways to go. Soft toy plushies for instance. Delectable.
Cause and effect are linked by a series of fortunate events that led to the invention of the black and blue crossword puzzle of ultimate thumbdrive shapes. Scrummage for iPod cables in a bucket of liquid earthworm-hide suitcases to win the 1st prize. Steadily dividing differentiated epiglottis cells. It's a first in animal psychology that's for sure.
I can't be bothered to boil the firefly tails so a cold shower seems to be impending. *DUN DUN DUUUNNNNN*
Just one last note, salivating on windows has been proven to reduce the risk of growing cancerous tablet pens out of your budgie's left tripulated jeronimouous wing-tip feather (fourth from the left of the right-hand wing on a three-winged camel).
To infinity and hairstylist brushes!!

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