Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Snippets of Reality

I was walking in from the bus stop right? Right?? Yes of course. I thought so to. So where was I? Oh right I was walking in the drain from the stop into the bus... No wait... I was walking in from the bus stop and stepped into the drain! Got it. Anyway there actually wasn't a drain to step in but I spent the next 5 minutes chewing on a roll of newspaper wrapped with coins. Despicable, that kind of moss. Just as I was stepping out of the solar plexus, a hovercraft went barrel-rolling rather steadily under my twitchy toenails. A pair of sparrows were hating each others guts in a passionate embrace over the controls. In the end, they landed rather peacefully on each others head. I thought it was pretty well controlled for a bladder.
Incidentally, the price of free chocolates sky-rocketed to a new low while the crickets practiced ten-pin bowling on a concrete tennis court. It was going rather well until it started raining blunt glass shards that cut deep and made a mess of the front laundry.
Optimus Prime says that every man should have a label stuck to his lapel to aid in the process of soft-toy manufacturing. Megatron however believes that hard liquor is the key to the evolution of all Prokaryotic species. Therein lies the essence of their ongoing conflict over glass houses. Autumn. Summer. Winter. *BoINg*
10 minutes ago the clocks around the world ticked for ten minutes and here we are in the past. Sudoku has also been proven to be a menace to society by causing stand fans to riot against the merciless punishment of the floorboards of Canadian houses. Sweet aspartame flavoured masticatable rat bones!! How succulent and juicy.
Chop chop. Splat. Spish. Bonk. Things that go bump in the night are going *spRoINg* just for variety.