Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Post A Day...

Wow. I'm doing pretty well considering that boiled socks have a distinct taste of pickled wombat hair. Now who would have thought that? Surely not the intercontinental missiles I just fired at the dolphin in the cable car on the telephone wire. My bad. So long and thanks for all the squiggly onion whiskers. Fish are the new green. Firey brown is the new wireless mouse (though most of them are, firey brown obviously). Suppose the world was as flat as a well-rounded orange peel. Where would all the beetles go for summer vacation? Sizzly frostbiting sunscreen.
Kiwis. If you think about them, scooters are more likely to blow up like an imploding 2-cent coin rather than scoot. They should be called squashy...ers. And so, following a logical thought path, kiwis obviously originated from some remote Pacific island off the coast of Bhutan. Similarly, frogs have been found to exude exotic slimes from the inside of their mouths that they use to attract predators as part of a courtship ritual when vying for the attentions of a cd-cover. The scientists who experimented on the frogs reported a significant loss of brain-cells in the surrounding plant life. This was found to explain global warming by way of sophisticated simplicity. Double S-words!! Triple your hair growth score. Piddly.
I've just borrowed your nose-hair trimmer to trim the edges of a clothes hanger's toenails. They were getting pretty long. Almost as long as the moths have been chewing on the garlic doorknob of vampirism. I like garlic. It's scrumptious. AND it leaves a strong afterthought in your left nostril but a weak one in your right auricle. Ossicle bones walk around at night and knock into things. Dreams are the result of tampering by elephant ears that have nothing better to do than watch TV on a power adapter cable. Ears, ears, ear components, flowery manliness.
Passionfruit was last seen over 50 light years away making out with a pair of old three horned 'awd bovines. On your knees to worship the clockwork firebolts of mockingbird beaks. *SQuAWk* Canaries sing rather nicely don't they? Magpies do too. Crows just cackle like sick constipated paper towels. Nice and yellow.
It's been a pleasure. Now time for the window to photosynthesise a breath mint.

Don't worry. He's got anti-missile barrier. Plus the ICBM relies on man-made echolocation which is no match for dolphin sonar. I'm an animal lover... as if I'd do something that evil... GEEZ.